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Doodling, Creativity, and More!

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“Vanessa’s doodling class was such a delight! I found the class time relaxing and peaceful, yet stimulating in a very fulfilling way. Vanessa built confidence by giving some very specific tips and creating a structure within which I could play with doodling, judgment-free. I can really see how using doodling as a meditation tool can become a nourishing practice for me.” ~ Martha Carnahan

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“While I believe I am creative, I am not artistic and thus shy away from anything related to drawing. Learning the basics of doodling has me looking at colors, pens, and patterns in ways I have not before. I am creating! I was surprised by the zen-like state of doodling and the ability to see a very complex design broken down into steps.
“Regarding the meditation angle, I do not sit sill well—until this class. Now, I can sit outside with the birds and the breeze. My blood pressure lowers while I get lost in my doodles. It is simply a lovely way to just be still.” ~ Elaine Morgan

Create & Commune
FREE EVENT: First Friday of every month
June 3, July 1, August 5

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church in Sandy Springs, GA
10:30am – 12:30pm

Find out more here

Doodle to Create Your Own Coloring Pages
Two-Day Class: August 13 and August 20
10am – 12:30pm • $70

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church in Sandy Springs, GA

Doodling for the Holidays: Pumpkins and Ornaments
Two-Day Class: November 18, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
and November 19, 9:30am – 4:30pm


Beckley Art Center in Beckley, WV


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