Let’s Color

Click here to see the doodle designs included in Love Coloring.

Click here to see the doodle designs included in Love Coloring.

Research has shown that we increase our happiness quotient and improve our mental health when we allow our busy minds to calm down on a regular basis. Many are finding the total absorption of coloring is an active and artful meditation that not only triggers their bodies to relax, but also boosts creativity.

Why Love Coloring? Because from moment to moment, we have the choice to focus on thoughts that amplify our anxiety or to give priority to thoughts of things we love. As I drew these pages, I was reminded to opt for loving thoughts. As you color these pages and artfully relax, I hope you also CHOOSE LOVE.

These original doodles are perfectly suited for the adult coloring enthusiast and older children. I recommend coloring with fine tipped markers or colored pencils. This 52 page, perfect bound book is 8.5 x 10.75 and contains 26 love-themed doodle designs printed on thick, high quality paper — blank on the back to lessen the chance of colors bleeding through.


You can order a 2-Pack on Amazon for $23, plus shipping

Love Coloring final Oct cover sm

In Parade magazine, psychologist Alice Domar, Ph.D. was quoted saying, “Coloring engages both sides of your brain in that it’s both creative and tactical. The creativity comes with envisioning the color selection and how it will play throughout the piece, while the tactical involves applying your decisions to the artist’s design.”

What markers or pencils to use in coloring your pages?

Really anything you want, but you may find that the fine details merit some fine-line markers (like Stabilo 88s) or colored pencils (of which Prismacolor are my faves). I also like to use highlighters for lighter shades on their own or as a base color to add details with a darker marker on top. Here is an article from Parade magazine with some other suggestions.

Check out our Customized Coloring Booklet for businesses

If you have a business and would like a promotional item that your recipient will keep or share with a friend, find out more about our customized coloring booklet. Click here for more info.

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