Art as Worship

I have been interested in my spiritual connection to life for as long as I can remember. I was raised in a Christian family in southern WV and was always involved in church activities. I also had parents who showed me how to BE love in real life. They lived the example of loving people, being kind, being curious, embracing those who are different, appreciating nature and choosing to say positive things.

My mom is amazingly creative and I grew up around art and creative expression in many forms. Even in our small town, I experienced art shows, classes, plays, music and festivals. In high school, I was blessed with a fantastic art teacher, Ellen Anderson, who opened my mind to the possibility that art could be a career for me. I’m beyond grateful for her influence.

In Gary Zukav’s book, The Dance of the WuLi Masters, he talks about the ability that scientists and artists share of “re-presenting” the common in a new way. “It is possible that scientists, poets, painters and writers are all members of the same family of people whose gift it is to take those things which we call commonplace and to ‘re-present’ them to us in such ways that our self-imposed limitations are expanded.”

As I’ve met people from many faiths and backgrounds, I’ve been drawn to people who share their gift by connecting to their spirit. This Art as Worship project is designed to tell stories of artists. To explore their process of creation and how it is an expression of their own connection to however they name God… Jehovah, Allah, Source, the Universe, The Great Spirit or something else.

Thank you for joining me in this journey. Let me know if you have a story of your own art and spirituality to share or would like to recommend someone to be interviewed. Your comments are always welcome. Come over and “like” our Facebook page for updates on interviews, articles and quotes on the topic of art as worship.

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