Molly Elkind: God Lured Me with Art

Molly Elkind

Molly Elkind is an artist who works with fibers. She says, “I love the tactility of it – the texture of those materials in my hands. I love the repetitive process of stitching, weaving or papermaking. I also love making larger works from lots of many small pieces.”

“I was away from church for 20 years. I feel like God lured me back to a life of faith through art.” ~Molly Elkind

Listen to Molly’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

Molly earned an MA in Studio Art, with a concentration in Fibers, from the University of Louisville in 2002.  Molly’s mixed media embroideries, handmade paper sculptures, wall hangings and collages, and artist’s books have been exhibited in juried shows locally and nationally, as well as being included in private collections.

In addition, Molly holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and taught this subject for many years.  She says, “Circling everybody’s mistakes and wielding a red pen as an English teacher was beginning to feel like a soul killing activity. I wanted work that could allow me to say yes instead of no. Yes to the possibilities. Yes to creativity. Yes to making mistakes and picking up and going on. Yes to that uncertain process of creating. Making art allowed me to do that. What I realized in the process of making art was that this was bigger than me. There was something else going on here besides my own brain and my own abilities. There is a creative force that is moving through me and that allowed me to come back to a life of faith.”

One of the Woven Community banners created with the liturgical art team of Molly’s church.

In this interview, Molly talks about her personal creative process and describes collaboratively creating as part of Alpharetta Presbyterian Church’s liturgical art team.

Her awards and honors include:

2009  (Sept-Oct) One-person show, Brown Art Gallery, Mercer University.

2002  Kentucky Foundation for Women. $1,000 Artist Enrichment Grant.

2000  Norman Kohlhepp Prize, Water Tower Annual, Louisville Visual Arts Association.

Molly has taught art workshops and professional development sessions in schools, museums, community art centers, and in private classes since 1999. Find out more about Molly’s work at She happily accepts commissioned projects.

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One comment on “Molly Elkind: God Lured Me with Art

  1. God gives us many gifts. The opportunity to enjoy art and the talent to create it are most certainly wonderful gifts. May all the glory go to our Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

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