Stanton Lanier: Life is an Adventure to Live

Pianist-composer Stanton Lanier offers a unique concert experience, combining signature melodies, inspiring life stories and audience interaction. Before pursuing music full-time, he was a chemist and financial planner.

“For a long time I took life too seriously. I thought life was more of a problem to solve. Now I know that life is an adventure to live. God has inspired all this music through me and He keeps showing me that he’s bigger than I think. ~Stanton Lanier

Listen to Stanton’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

Four of Stanton’s seven albums were produced by William Ackerman, Grammy winning Founder of Windham Hill Records, including Christianity Today’s 2011 Notable Sacred Music (A Thousand Years) and ZMR Awards 2009 Best Holiday Album (December Peace). His music can be heard on The Weather Channel, Sirius-XM Spa, Music Choice Soundscapes and many other outlets.

Stanton is also the Founder of Music to Light the World, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a vision to offer God’s “peace and rest in a hurried world.” Their Get Music Give Hope has led to 20,000 CDs being donated to cancer centers and hospitals offering hope and healing to patients.

He says, “There’s a Bible verse about how God’s ways are higher than our ways. He is unconventional. He can bypass the whole system if he wants to and do it His way. It will blow your mind. There’s an inner affirmation of following our heart and then there’s outer affirmation as people respond. It can be good to not know how everything is supposed to work.” 

Find out more about Stanton and his music at Send your family and friends a free music sample with an e-card.

Listen each Wednesday at 9am Eastern on Empower Radio to hear another artist’s story. Share your art and your comments on the Art as Worship Facebook page. Namaste!

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