Kathleen Kurre: Adventure Happens in the Present Moment

Kathleen Kurre is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur, with a broad range of experience on the leading edge of technology adoption and organizational change where people, process and technology intersect for success.

“Life is like the wave. You take your surfboard — everything that you know how to do — then get up on the wave. The sweet spot of life is your adventure — and adventure always happens in the present moment.” ~Kathleen Kurre

Listen to Kathleen’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

Kathleen’s work in the world of business and technology reflects her artistry in the world and includes teaching, speaking, writing and more.  She says, “I wasn’t really encouraged as a young girl in terms of my art work so I just went looking for other things that I could create. I’m really curious about things and I always like the leading edge. I like doing things that haven’t been done before. That’s really the definition of an artist. Even when I was in college and working with mathematics and technology, I realized that business is a wonderful canvas for us to create our lives.”

Kathleen has served as CEO of two venture capital backed healthcare technology services companies and of a social entrepreneurship, technology services nonprofit. Currently, Kathleen is President of Fusion Advisors LLC, which focuses on organizational change and adoption of new technologies.

She is on the faculty group for the Graduate Leadership Program at Georgia Tech for BioMed Engineering PhD students. Kathleen has served on the board of several companies and contributed to the start-up of new organizations.

She says, “We often think that the creativity comes from one place, but it comes from the heart AND from the mind AND from our physical body. It’s that total integration which is beautiful because that’s who we are. We are these wonderful physical beings and everything we do is through our physical body. We’re also these nonphysical beings and we get to work and play in the ethers. That combination is where the divinity is. That’s what we bring through in our artwork.”

She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Purdue University and a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Peacemaking from the Beloved Community in Ashland, Oregon.

Find out more about Kathleen at www.fusionadvisors.com or read her blog at www.kathleenkurre.com.

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