Bernie Kida: Vulnerability is the Birthplace of Creativity

Bernie Kida graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of California San Francisco in 1987. He launched his career in medical illustration with the first edition of the Atlas of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery authored by Raymond T. Morrissy, M.D.

“Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is letting other people see your struggles. When that happens, someone will come along and help you with that struggle or say, ‘I’m going through the same thing.’ It allows you to connect with others. That willingness to be open and vulnerable is the birthplace of creativity.”  ~Bernie Kida

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Bernie was the primary medical illustrator for Scottish Rite Children’s Medical Center for twelve years where he became a well-respected, award-winning illustrator. He has been praised for his attention to detail and graphic realism that allowed him to produce over a dozen successive surgical atlases.  He was certified in 1991 by the Association of Medical Illustrators and has been recognized with awards in projection media and Illustrated Textbook categories. He has also been featured in The Healing Arts, The Best American Artists Look at Medicine Today in 1995.

He says, “I had the privilege of being an observer during an operation years ago. Everything in the human body is alive — it’s shimmering, pulsing and vibrant. The colors. The layers. Everything comes to life. The human body is incredible and miraculous.”

Kida now works out of his home studio where he has more flexibility and a far shorter commute. He enjoys the challenges that each new assignment brings and the resulting relationships that develop while working with art directors, editors and publishers, physicians, surgeons and other allied health professionals.

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