Crystal Slagley: My Cakes Represent Joy

Crystal Slagley picCrystal Slagley is an award-winning cake concept artist. She holds fifteen certificates in a variety of cake decorating techniques, including a master’s certificate in sugarpaste, royal icing, and sugar flowers. Crystal is one of only ten people in the United States to have this exclusive certification. CSlagley1

 “When my son was six-years-old, he was diagnosed with leukemia. The first cake I created was three years later to celebrate the end of his chemotherapy. Making that cake celebrated all the emotions that I have for my son—love, appreciation, amazement and joy. Every time I create a cake, I’m helping a family have the same joy that I have because of my son. I help them celebrate a milestone like a birthday or anniversary or help them make a friend feel special. What an amazing gift!” ~Crystal Slagley

Listen to Crystal’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

She goes on to say, “We learned CSlagley3a lot through my son’s cancer. Things like fear and medical jargon, but also things like hope and joy. My art helps me remember the positive lessons.”

Crystal is constantly seeking to educate herself on the newest, most exciting cake decorating techniques in the industry. Her attention to detail, educational experiences, and natural artistry all blend together to make her an amazing creative cake artisan.

CSlagley5She says, “When I learn a new technique, I get ideas and explore them to make the technique my own. I recently took a class on using gelatin. It can be used to make flowers and other decorations that you can see through. Using that technique, I created bubbles for a child’s birthday cake. Now, I’m working on a cake design inspired by Dale Chihuly’s glass art to have brightly colored spikes that resemble blown glass. Even when I’m not working on a client’s cake, I’m still learning and trying something new.”

CSlagley2Find out more about Crystal and see a gallery of her cake designs at “Like” her Facebook page for the most recent postings of creative cakes.

Listen each Wednesday at 9am Eastern on Empower Radio to hear another artist’s story. Share your art and your comments on the Art as Worship Facebook page. Namaste!

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