Mark Golding: Psychoactive Art and Healing Mandalas

Mark GoldingMandala artist Mark Golding, was born in London in 1955. Described as Psychoactive Art and Healing Mandalas, his work will engage the viewer on a powerful subliminal level, activate dormant powers, create tendencies of inner peace, and initiate profound growth. He says, “Life is a flow, a journey of multi-sensory experiences, that I have chosen to record, using the visual medium.”

In addition to being an artist, Mark has been a hospital chaplain, a poet, an author, a meditation teacher, a dealer in antiques, an art historian and a collector of old gemstones.

How you create your art?

What Dreams May Come - They Manifest

What Dreams May Come – They Manifest

My process is one of experiential empathetic engagement, with both the emotions and the sense awareness. I feel, and I draw — to initiate release, understanding and healing, within the mind of my client. This is following a two-hour consultation.

At what point in your life did you start thinking of yourself as an artist?

I was cautious about using the word artist for a year or so, but around two years ago I came out… aged 56. My name is Mark Golding, and I am an artist!

How would you describe your spirituality?

I am an unconventional and maverick Tantrika. I follow the Buddhist path of je Tsongkhapa, the Lineage of the Kadampas — those that practice Lamrim, Lojong and Mahamudra.

The Alala Bird - Radiates Love, Wisdom and Compassion

The Alala Bird – Radiates Love, Wisdom and Compassion

How does your spirituality find expression in your art?

I create mandalas, each representative of an aspect of the path of Dharma — Buddha’s teachings. I sit with an intention prior to commencing any work, and maintain this throughout my creative process. Spirituality is the very expression of my art.

Can you share a story of how creating your art expanded your awareness of God?

As my pen runs along the paper, I feel the Divine creativity, witnessed in the trace I leave upon time’s visage. Each drawing I create brings me closer to God.

How do you connect with divine flow when you are creating? Is it an intentional process that you can duplicate?

I connect through working with pure intention. And my intention has three aspects — Love, Wisdom and Compassion. The flow of Divinity…

How do you connect differently to your creative source when you work solo versus when you are collaborating with others?

There is no contradiction. My process is served by my higher intention, when I work alone, or in the collective. Many co-creative projects have initiated alchemical sparks!

How do ideas come to you?

Solstice Sunrise Blessing

Solstice Sunrise Blessing

As instantaneous sparks. Elusive, transient and fleeting. I try to note them down, but often they flee before I have caught them… I carry a note book at all times.

How do you decide which ideas to pursue?

Much of my work is by commission, and my ideas are integrated into each current mandala, though I contemplate series and processes whereby my own understanding and healing are also served.

If you were going to teach your creative process to someone else, what would be one or two of the key things you would share?

My most valuable tool is a still mind. I have practiced and taught meditation for 20 years, and can hold my mind in a still and peaceful heart centered space. My advice? Learn to meditate.

How has your art affected your spiritual evolution or spiritual evolution affected your art?

This is a beautiful question! The two are inseparable, and as I journey through life, following the spiritual path, both my art and experiences are evolving, interdependent and harmonious. I am both a servant and a witness to my process.

How can listeners find our more about you and your work?

I have a website: Mark Golding –
Facebook: Healing Magic –

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