Alice Ball: Learning from the Beautiful and the Not-So-Beautiful

Alice Ball is an explorer in the art of papermaking — gathering raw materials, sometimes embedding things in the wet paper before it dries and creating small collages.

“One of the commandments of papermaking is ‘thou shalt not love any piece of paper better than another.’ You learn from the beautiful pieces and from the not-so-beautiful ones. That’s not unlike worship for me. Some days worship is really hard. Some days it is a joyous and easy — a totally carefree thing. But it’s always there. It’s not something that has to be one way or another.” ~Alice Ball

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Paper items are called ephemera — a word related to things like ghosts, mists and spirits that can’t be held onto for long. They remind you that beauty can be fleeting and you must be alert to be moved by it, or simply to enjoy its existence, however short.

Alice says, “My spiritual evolution and my art of papermaking are interactive. When you’re very occupied with doing things with your hands, somehow your Spirit is allowed to fully flower. Making paper has given me an experience of myself as creative. I sometime laugh and enjoy the ridiculousness of what I’m trying to do. It has challenged me to try things that seem rather silly and sometimes turn out surprisingly great. The doing of it has affected my way of being acquainted with myself.”

Alice often gives her art to friends.

You can connect with Alice via email at aliceball (at)

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Kyle Young: My Art Reveals My Soul

The career of multi-media artist Kyle Young has been a composite of creativity and commerce. After earning a BFA from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, she utilized her artistic training working in design and education in publishing for several years. With the addition of this business experience, she founded her own design boutique firm in 1978, growing it through the years to become one of Atlanta’s top 50 ad agencies, with clients in the U.S. and Canada.

It was not until after the birth of her son in 1996, that she decided to return to the roots of her artistic experience and turn her attention to her personal creativity. Selling her interest in the firm she had founded, she established her marketing consulting, writing and coaching practices so she could also spend time with her studio work once again.

Going Inward

“I’ve been lucky to show my work in a number of places and have people collect pieces of my art, but that’s not really why I do it. My art is very personal. Some pieces feel so self-revealing that I wonder if someone viewing my art might actually see into my soul. There are pieces I’ve chosen not to show for that reason.” ~Kyle Young

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Reflective of her life and career, Kyle’s art is not limited to one medium. Frequently using multiple materials and methods in a single piece, she is known for her complex layering of colors and textures in both two and three-dimensional works.

Rooted in Truth

She says, “I can’t put my life in a box much less God in a box — I’m open to all the expressions of God. I’m a lifelong Episcopalian and find the Episcopal Church to be a very open and accepting environment, but in my personal spirituality, I’ve also incorporated some of the teachings of Buddhism, Judaism and others. Just as my art is multimedia, my personal spirituality is a combination of many practices.”

Listening to her intuition plays a key role in Kyle’s life. She says, “If I stop and listen, the direction is out there —  whether it’s in art or life. It’s when I get so busy and think that I have to plan every single thing that I find the going gets tougher.”

Her Wings Had a Strong Spine


Kyle’s work has been seen in numerous juried shows and exhibits, and is in several private and corporate collections.

Find out more about Kyle’s art at She is also online at and

Last Meal

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Flora Rosefsky: Artists Need Time to Reflect and Daydream

Flora Rosefsky is a spiritual collage and mixed media artist who draws with scissors. She directs her favorite long-pointed scissors as they glide through painted paper, fabric, or ephemera. “With an intuitive sense of color and composition, like Henri Matisse, I thrive on the freedom to ‘draw with scissors,’ in a spirit of spontaneity that is so much a part of each new work.”

 “I am a big believer in finding sanctuary in your life. You need some quiet space. Time to think. As an artist you need reflection and you need ideas and you need time to think or even daydream.” ~Flora Rosefsky

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She says, “Art is no longer something that I just do — it is so much a part of what I am. It took a while for me to realize that.”

ALeta’s Ketubbah

Flora encourages others to explore their creativity. She says, “Art is also for the non-artist. For those of you who may not think of yourself as an artist, try it. It makes you feel good. It’s joyful. It can be exciting. You can be any age to create art, from a child up to a senior citizen. Don’t be afraid. The materials don’t have to be expensive. Just enjoy. Go look at art, go to studios, go to openings and make art a part of your life.”

Personal Sanctuary

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