Patrick McDonnell: Art Helps Me Lose My Ego

Cartoonist and author Patrick McDonnell is the creator of the award-winning MUTTS comic strip. Syndicated in 1994, MUTTS now appears in over 700 print newspapers worldwide, and has its home on the web at

“My art and spirituality inspire each other. Being an artist made me start thinking about spirituality. When I read The Power of Now, it was the artist in me that understood it. Making art is a prayer and meditation — it helps me lose my ego. So art is definitely part of my spiritual process.” ~Patrick McDonnell

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Patrick has received numerous awards for his art, including the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year, and international recognition for his promotion of animal protection.  He has over 20 books in print including The New York Times bestsellers The Gift of Nothing, Hug Time, The Monsters’ Monster and 2012 Caldecott Honor book Me … Jane, which is a biography of the childhood of Dr. Jane Goodall.  In 2009, McDonnell collaborated with The Power of Now author Eckhart Tolle to create Guardians of Being.

Earl, a Jack Russell Terrier, was Patrick’s real life inspiration for MUTTS for 19 years. Patrick says, “I always felt if I could capture any of his joy of life in my comic, I was doing my job.”

Regarding the constant pressure of meeting deadlines, Patrick says, “When you do a daily comic strip, having faith is a big part of it. I have faith in the Creator and in the creative powers that something’s going to happen. I’ve always approached art on a faith basis — not to struggle with it, but to let it happen.”

In addition to his artistic commitments of his daily comic strip, books and the upcoming MUTTS movie, Patrick is a member of the national Boards of Directors for The Humane Society of the United States, The Fund for Animals and The Charles M. Schulz Museum.

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Diane English: Your Art Picks Up Your Vibe

Diane English is a self-taught artist and founder of The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Company, combining her art and career with her spiritual path. She sells her original designs internationally in bookstores, galleries and on her website as greeting cards, prints and magnets.

“My definition of art is that it’s meant to delight, inform and inspire. You’re inspired to create art and then you pass inspiration on. That piece of art that you’re creating will pick up your vibe and it will be passed on. So do it. Don’t deny the world your talent.” ~Diane English

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Diane has survived countless spiritual crises; has managed to see the occasional “light”; and discovered the secret of Higher Consciousness along the way. She says that after years of deep meditation, medication, fasting, prayer and a few bottles of Merlot, she now knows the secret to enlightenment is being in the “Now” with a piece of rich, dark chocolate.

She says, “I think God has a fabulous sense of humor. The spiritual evolution of my art was learning to play instead of taking it seriously. More often than not, artwork for me is play.”  

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