Sean Beeson: Relax and Have Fun with Your Creative Process

Sean Beeson picSean Beeson is a world-renowned composer, pianist, educator, and owner of the award-winning Sean Beeson Studios LLC. His piano works have been heard over 20 million times by people around the globe, and are published by Serenity Studio. Sean’s sweeping orchestral scores can be heard in over one hundred video games, films, and trailers.

How do you create your compositions?

I create music by using computers to realize elements of music, ultimately compiling them into pieces. From sole piano melodies to complex orchestral colors, technology is at the core of what I do.

At what point in your life did you start thinking of yourself as an artist?

As far back as I remember, I have thought of myself as an artist. Or more perhaps like an inventor or explorer. I love to experiment, and when I received my first synthesizer/keyboard I got really into music technology and creating sounds. I haven’t stopped since.

How would you describe your spirituality?

I am Roman Catholic. I believe in Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and follow the Tradition of The Church that has been passed down for two millennium.

How does your spirituality find expression in your art?

My art is a celebration of the gifts God has given me. I always strive to express my gratitude in my music, but also bring my music to the faith through various projects I work on. SBeeson Christmas Dreams

Although not directly through my art but through my craft, I try to be a model Christian by making moral, ethical, and positive decisions.

Can you share a story of how creating your art expanded your awareness of God?

For me, I think it worked the other way around. Having grown up in the Church, music was always a big part of my praising! It was my love of that “art” that really strengthened my art.

How do you connect with divine flow when you are creating? Is it an intentional process that you can duplicate?

I don’t know if I connect with a divine flow, so to speak. I would love to think that God is influencing my music, but I can’t really say. I do pray for intervention in my work and career though, asking for God to open my heart and mind to how he wishes to form my career and music.

I try to offer up everything I do to God. Without his graciousness, I could not be doing what I am doing today.

How do you connect differently to your creative source when you work solo versus when you are collaborating with others?

There are times, when working with others, that my art really becomes more of a science/math. It is still art of course, but what I am asked to collaborate on dictates that I become more of a supporting creative contributor as opposed to being a director.

How do ideas come to you?

That is a good question! I still don’t always understand how or where my ideas come from. I think a lot of them come from REALLY far back in my mind and are influenced heavily by my earliest exposures to music. The rest stems from my training as a composer. I rarely have to grasp for inspiration, but I tend to approach some of my compositions as if they are mathematical equations that need to be “resolved” versus creative dreams that are stuck in my brain and need to be exhumed.

How do you decide which ideas to pursue?

I tend to trust my gut instincts. It doesn’t always result in the most original music, nor the most advanced work, but it does allow me to focus on creating art for clients, meeting their deadlines and keeping my business afloat.

If you were going to teach your creative process to someone else, what would be one or two of the key things you would share?

Relax and have fun. The creative process (at least mine) can at some times be stressful and frustrating. Don’t let that weigh you down, and instead focus on the positive. Relax and have fun with what you do. You can pour yourself into it, you can get heavily invested into, you put sweat, blood, and tears into your work… But have fun and relax.

How has your art affected your spiritual evolution or spiritual evolution affected your art?

In my personal experiences they have worked together. It is hard to explain to someone that isn’t me (as I am sure it would be for a lot of artists with a similar mindset!) how art leads to a greater understanding and appreciation of God, and how focusing more of my craft and time on God has given me a better understanding of my role in music with my spirituality.

Find out more about Sean and his music at or go to Serenity Studio’s Youtube channel.

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