Shelly Ryan: Laughter is the Universal Language

Michele (Shelly) Wendling Ryan is a comedian and an author. She was born funny with a vivid imagination. Being an only child this trait was useful, although her parents never determined how many imaginary siblings Shelly had. By high school, she realized a sense of humor was more than entertaining; it was therapeutic.

“Laughter connects people. Look at how contagious it is. Someone can be laughing and even if you don’t know what they are laughing about, it makes you want to start laughing.” ~Shelly Ryan

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Shelly’s spirituality is based in gratitude and she believes her unique blend of humor is a gift from God. Her mission is to make the world a happier, healthier place. Fans comment how laughing with Shelly helps them cope with both emotional and physical pain.

The conglomerate of Shelly’s work, known as Comedylove, includes:

  • Sketch comedy scripts, several  of which have been performed in Atlanta
  • Stand-up comedian (her closest brush with fame was  Nickelodeon at Nite’s  “Funniest Mom Contest”) and emceeing a variety of charitable events in the Southeast
  • Creating ripples of laughter world-wide on the airwaves plus numerous guest appearances; her own comedy cabaret, variety talk show and ovarian cancer awareness podcast Feel Teal Talk
  • Prolific blogger, humor columnist and regular contributor to Feel Teal Magazine
  • Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy her book Floor It! Road Trips Down the Humor Highway
  • She shares her own fairy tale in her CD Shelly’s Nursery Rhymes: The REST of the Story…

Contact Shelly at her website and “like” her Facebook page Shelly Ryan Comedy. Join a group of other lovers of laughter at The Seriously Weird World of Shelly Ryan.

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