Krista Goodrich: Helping Others Embrace Art

In 2009, Krista Goodrich quit her job as a financial analyst and started Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Party Studio in Braselton, Georgia.  This business has allowed her to return to her art roots where she helps others embrace art in a positive and healthy environment.

“Much of the time I spend painting is when I am teaching. I go within before each class and get into ‘teacher mode.’ I block out the rest of the world so it’s just me with my students and the painting. God helps me through the times I’m having a bad day so I’m able to be upbeat for my students.” ~Krista Goodrich

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Krista focuses on expression through color variations and enjoys painting with strong, bright colors on big canvases. Born in south Florida, she moved to Georgia in the early eighties. She attributes her preference of vibrant colors to her south Florida roots.

Her art love affair began at a young age through her mother who introduced her to a wide variety of art — from pottery, to bow making to becoming part of a young Asian art society, exploring the use of art in Asian cultures.

Krista attended college in France — learning the techniques of art masters and their history.  She graduated with two bachelor degrees — one in French and one in Economics.

She says, “When I opened Masterpiece Mixers I was not very well connected with God. During the first year and a half of the studio, I had some things happen in my life — specifically a very close personal death. It was during that that I created my very favorite painting. While I was painting, I was reflecting on my life and reflecting on the one who had passed. There was a presence with me and that presence was helping me while I was creating art. Since that time I’ve reconnected to God through my art and through my daughter.”

Krista believes everyone can paint with just a little instruction. “Our slogan at Masterpiece Mixers is ‘It’s Fun Art, Not Fine Art.’ We want our clients to have fun and enjoy the process. People hug me after a few hours of painting and say it’s the best thing they’ve ever experienced. I love helping people embrace something they didn’t think they could do.”

A “Crazy Heart” painting by a Masterpiece Mixer autistic client was chosen for the Autism Awareness postage stamp.

She lives in Hoschton, Georgia with her husband Colin, her daughter, Tiana and their two dogs Dot and Danja. They enjoy family time involved in activities such as tennis, boating and wakeboarding.

Find out more about Krista at and join her at one of her studio to create your own painting.

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