Vyvyn Lazonga: You’re Only Limited By Your Imagination

Vyvyn Lazonga picVyvyn Lazonga has been a tattoo icon for more than 40 years. She began tattooing in 1972 and in 1989 opened her shop in the famous historic Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. She’s world-renowned for her art and has garnered many awards over the years. For much of that time she worked alone, but in recent years she brought together a small crew of talented artists to create a safe, and inviting environment where clients can get beautiful custom tattoo work.

 “You’re only limited by your imagination. Even if I do a theme, I try to make what I do original. I don’t copy or do things twice or repeat things. The trick is to help my clients open up their mind to the possibilities that exist.” ~Vyvyn Lazonga

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When Vyvyn began tattooing, there were very few women who had tattoos, not to mention who were working as tattoo artists. Her work opened many doors for women in the tattoo industry, and is seen as an example of a fine artist working in the tattoo medium.

She says, “There is no separation for me between my expression of spirituality and my art of tattooing. It’s a day-to-day experience. My days go easier if I take a few minutes to pray or meditate. When I’m working on someone, I’m usually pretty quiet because I’m in the zone and go into that meditative space.”

Vyvyn creates custom tattoos for many clients wanting to cover scars with art, including women who’ve had mastectomies. She says, “The art of a tattoo is so much more precious because it is on skin.” Here’s an article where she talks in more detail about this work that helps clients have a different view of their body after surgery.

Find out more about Vyvyn and her tattoos at www.madamelazongastattoo.com.  Here is an article from Finding My Religion where Vyvyn discusses the spiritual side of body art.

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