Sharron Ragan: Become Inspired by the Process of Painting

SRagan picSharron Ragan is an entrepreneur, artist, business leader and visionary who literally throws herself into her work emotionally, physically and spiritually. She is an awarding winning artist and has commissioned work at several corporate offices including Coca-Cola, and private collections.

As an abstract expressionist Sharron paints intuitively using vibrant acrylic colors and contemporary techniques. She also leads inspirational creative development programs for businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to tap into their inner creative expression and passions with painting. As a new-thought creative leader, Sharron has been recognized for blending ancient wisdom and creativity programs with contemporary business.



“I paint in an intuitive, expressive style and teach workshops on how to use this style to develop your creativity. It doesn’t matter WHAT you paint. Painting opens up a creative part of yourself that you might not have known you have. Become inspired by the process of painting—the color, the vibrancy of the color, and the movement of the paintbrush on the paper.” ~Sharron Ragan

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She began her studies in art in college and transitioned into a corporate career in advertising and marketing. After 25-years as a corporate marketing executive with several Fortune 500 companies including Wendy’s and Coca-Cola she returned to expanding her fine art skills as a professional artist and entrepreneur.

Sharron says, “With every painting, I start with a moment of silence. I ask that I am connected to whatever I’m going to create and that it is created for the highest good. I set an intention that anyone who sees it will be inspired and helped in some way.”

Her business Blue Frog Creative Network focuses on Branding, Marketing and Creative Expression providing programs for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Artists.

Sharron has been featured in national media, radio, TV and magazines as a leader in creativity and intuitive mastery. She has inspired thousands of professionals to seek personal fulfillment and business purpose by awakening their creativity and following their intuition. She says, “It is my personal journey to help people recognize they are creative. Once your mind opens to your creativity, the universe brings you more ideas and more information.”

A Paint Journey Weekend

A Paint Journey Weekend

She volunteers her time to various non-profit organizations and also leads art retreats.  As a speaker on creativity she has been featured at corporations, national conventions and universities nationwide.  She lives in the Atlanta area.

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