Vanessa’s Art

As a graphic designer, much of the work I do for businesses is very precise and polished in appearance. These projects require planning and often require collaborating and coordinating with outside vendors.

Blue ribbon orange flwrs smParadoxically, my doodle art is a solo endeavor and evolves on the page as I go. It is a valuable spiritual exercise about walking in companionship with my inner guidance. If I try to plan a doodle, I feel frustrated and anxious. If I use the act of drawing as a meditation for staying in the moment, the art becomes beautiful to me—even when I don’t find a line or color particularly appealing as I first add it to the page.

Love Daisies smDoodling reminds me that life is an experiment. Just like my doodle, if I get to a point where it isn’t looking particularly good, I just keep going. Being willing to add new combinations of shapes and colors—and in life new knowledge, people, and experiences—the art, and my life, eventually come to a cohesive beauty. BootiDoodle sm

My two avenues of art sometimes get the opportunity to play together28Day cover final web. My collaborative book The 28-Day Thought Diet is an example.

I incorporated a doodle on the front cover and then used doodle elements at the beginning of chapters and to highlight other key areas.

I also doodled for The Joy Factor Recipe Book authored by Wendy Watkins. Joy Factor front smallHere is more about Wendy’s book and her joyful journey of publishing.

Let’s chat if you want more info on either my graphic design work or my doodle art. Contact me at vlowry (@)

You can also purchase some of my doodle art on products through Cafe Press.

Purchase my published books here.

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