Kim Oberheu: The Creative Process Forces You to Address Your Spiritual Side

Kim Oberheu holds the reins at Plants Forever, Inc. ensuring that her team stays current on innovation and trends. With a strong background in business and as an artist, she leverages her creativity to daily inspire staff members and clients alike.

“As an artist going through the creative process, you’re almost forced to address the spiritual side of things. There is something about the experience of creating that puts you up against that. It’s bringing something into existence that didn’t exist. In that process of going from nothing to something, you realize it’s something bigger than yourself. ~Kim Oberheu

Listen to Kim’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

She says, “I think it’s good to constantly go back to God and say I would like your help in this process. Especially to seek God’s wisdom when you’re coming up against something that you can’t solve.”

Prior to taking on PFI, Kim worked at Ernst and Young in their Accelerator Solutions Environments, Sprint PCS and Healthnet, as a leading sales professional. In the entertainment industry, Kim has aided in Disney Studios Feature Animation: Home on the Range with Cuba Gooding Jr., Meg Tilley and Roseanne Barr, The Academy Awards as well as several theatre and commercial projects. Kim’s design work can be seen at Phipps Plaza, Duke Properties, Doubletree Hotel, World of Coke and Coca-Cola Corporate.

When not working, Kim loves spending time with her dog “Pink” or in the drive-thru at the Krispy Kreme. Contact her through the PFI website.

Listen each Wednesday at 9am Eastern on Empower Radio to hear another artist’s story. Share your comments and art on the Art as Worship Facebook page. Namaste!

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