Betty Humphrey Fowler: Your Physical Environment Can Be Supportive or Toxic

BFowler photoBetty Humphrey Fowler is a Feng Shui Consultant and Certified Interior Re-Designer.  She has been helping people transform their lives by improving the energy flow of their homes and work spaces for almost 12 years.  Betty is trained in Essential Feng Shui by internationally recognized Feng Shui expert, Terah Kathryn Collins, at the Western School of Feng Shui.

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Betty’s passion began in 1999, while living in Northern California, when she read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about how people could reduce clutter and stress in their lives.  The topic was Feng Shui.

 “We live in a physical environment. If our physical environment is toxic to us, changes we are trying to make physically and mentally are not being supported. My goal is to help people see that if they create an environment they love being around, it will support whatever changes they want to make in their lives.”  ~ Betty Humphrey Fowler

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Through her own life situations and those of her clients, Betty has repeatedly proven that, when you change your home environment, you will experience a renewed vitality and energy that creates positive change in your life.

As a tip to welcoming chi into your home, Betty says, “The front door is the mouth of chi where life energy comes into your home. A few times a week, come in through that door and see what a guest sees. Clear away debris, have a beautiful welcome mat, make sure your front door doesn’t squeak and that the doorbell is working. You want it to be welcoming to bring opportunity in.”

Check out Betty’s blog to learn more about feng shui.

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Rebecca Ewing: Color Speaks to Us

Rebecca Ewing hallucinates for a living.

She is a designer and colorist who imagines how this color will look there; how that fabric will look on this sofa, and how these roof shingles will look that with that brick.

Rebecca taught color and design at the Art Institute of Atlanta, and taught color workshops from Canada to New Zealand (bungy jumped, too). She forecasts color trends—helping determine what color toothbrush or waste basket you’ll be able to buy in two years.

“Color speaks to us and it speaks for us—our resonance and what we’re attracted to. It affects our perception, our energy level and the way people respond to us.” ~Rebecca Ewing

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Paint manufacturers say that nearly 40% of consumer paint sales are within a week of a first purchase—to repaint a color gone bad. With thirty-five years of experience, Rebecca helps her clients get it right the first time.

Rebecca said her spirituality always finds expression in her art. She says, “I have come to believe that prayer isn’t just the one where we say ‘Dear God’ at the beginning. It is what we’re thinking and what we’re saying all day long.”

In teaching, speaking and writing, Rebecca encourages others to express themselves creatively. She comments, “Anything worth doing well is worth doing badly at first. You’re not going to learn anything if you’re not doing something wrong. Be willing to do it wrong and do it poorly to get to the point where you’re satisfied with your results. Play with it.”

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Kim Oberheu: The Creative Process Forces You to Address Your Spiritual Side

Kim Oberheu holds the reins at Plants Forever, Inc. ensuring that her team stays current on innovation and trends. With a strong background in business and as an artist, she leverages her creativity to daily inspire staff members and clients alike.

“As an artist going through the creative process, you’re almost forced to address the spiritual side of things. There is something about the experience of creating that puts you up against that. It’s bringing something into existence that didn’t exist. In that process of going from nothing to something, you realize it’s something bigger than yourself. ~Kim Oberheu

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She says, “I think it’s good to constantly go back to God and say I would like your help in this process. Especially to seek God’s wisdom when you’re coming up against something that you can’t solve.”

Prior to taking on PFI, Kim worked at Ernst and Young in their Accelerator Solutions Environments, Sprint PCS and Healthnet, as a leading sales professional. In the entertainment industry, Kim has aided in Disney Studios Feature Animation: Home on the Range with Cuba Gooding Jr., Meg Tilley and Roseanne Barr, The Academy Awards as well as several theatre and commercial projects. Kim’s design work can be seen at Phipps Plaza, Duke Properties, Doubletree Hotel, World of Coke and Coca-Cola Corporate.

When not working, Kim loves spending time with her dog “Pink” or in the drive-thru at the Krispy Kreme. Contact her through the PFI website.

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Anita Beyer: My Creativity and Talent are a Gift from God

Anita Beyer is an interior designer who thinks of herself as a “creator” (with a small “c”) more than as an artist. She believes her talent for turning her client’s dreams into the reality of a beautiful space is a gift from God. She says, “The aesthetics of our homes and offices are so important. Your surroundings can be harmonious and make you feel wonderful, or they can deplete you of energy.” She goes on to say it’s not only important how YOU feel in your space, but how others feel when they come into that space.

“Listening is the initial step in any project. Not only listening to my client, but listening to my inner voice.” ~Anita Beyer

Listen to Anita’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

Anita says, “Often when I walk into a space, I see a flash of the color that is going to be in that room or how accessories should be arranged. I get amazed knowing it’s divinely inputted to me. I’m just an instrument — the person who’s interpreting it.”

In 2002, Anita founded Beyer’s Design, Inc. to help clients transform their homes & lives with her full service interior decorating and renovating services. Whether a client needs a complete home renovation or just wants to personalize a room or office, Anita orchestrates each project from start to finish. Her work has been written about in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and other national publications.

Contact Anita at to discuss your vision for your own space reinvention. Check out Anita’s video series on eHow Home.

Anita also loves to dance. You can see her as part of a fun flash mob at Atlanta’s Atlantic Station in this YouTube video. She and her partner come in with second set of dancers about 30 seconds into the video. She is in the back… spot her by her short blond hair.

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