Betty Humphrey Fowler: Your Physical Environment Can Be Supportive or Toxic

BFowler photoBetty Humphrey Fowler is a Feng Shui Consultant and Certified Interior Re-Designer.  She has been helping people transform their lives by improving the energy flow of their homes and work spaces for almost 12 years.  Betty is trained in Essential Feng Shui by internationally recognized Feng Shui expert, Terah Kathryn Collins, at the Western School of Feng Shui.

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Betty’s passion began in 1999, while living in Northern California, when she read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about how people could reduce clutter and stress in their lives.  The topic was Feng Shui.

 “We live in a physical environment. If our physical environment is toxic to us, changes we are trying to make physically and mentally are not being supported. My goal is to help people see that if they create an environment they love being around, it will support whatever changes they want to make in their lives.”  ~ Betty Humphrey Fowler

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Through her own life situations and those of her clients, Betty has repeatedly proven that, when you change your home environment, you will experience a renewed vitality and energy that creates positive change in your life.

As a tip to welcoming chi into your home, Betty says, “The front door is the mouth of chi where life energy comes into your home. A few times a week, come in through that door and see what a guest sees. Clear away debris, have a beautiful welcome mat, make sure your front door doesn’t squeak and that the doorbell is working. You want it to be welcoming to bring opportunity in.”

Check out Betty’s blog to learn more about feng shui.

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Asha Lightbearer: Open to Imagination

Asha Lightbearer picAsha Lightbearer has been writing and performing music since the age of six. The question she is asked most often is, “From what tribe are you?” The answer is, “None, officially,” although she does participate in activities with Thunderbird Nation, a mixed group of Native American and non-native people who believe in ceremony and the sacredness of the ancestors, the earth and the Great Spirit.

 “The creative process is about being open to possibility and imagination. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Throw the colors on the wall, throw the music on the wall, throw the words on the wall — then see how it comes out. If you’re worrying about playing it safe and worried about doing it right, you’ll never get to your most creative genius.”  ~Asha Lightbearer

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Asha considers herself Contemporary Christian, but includes mixed esoteric practices in her Spirituality — seeing all as congruent, valuable and life-giving. She graduated from Capital University with a degree in Jazz Studies.

She says regarding the evolution of her music, “I used to only write to get the pain out of my body — that was the one way that I could express. Artists have this fascination with the macabre and believe pain ignites their creative spark. One day I thought ‘Wait a minute — that’s messed up. Wouldn’t I be even that much more of an artist if I could be creative and write a happy song? I can’t believe that I can only be creative when I’m in the dark depths.’ From that point, I started writing positive music. I will touch the wounded spot, but then I show a different way of looking at it. It has served me to step out of those dark spots.”

Asha has performed in New Hampshire, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Ohio and Florida and is rapidly expanding her reach through both live and recorded performances. A single from her debut album, Move Ahead, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Uniting category at the 8th Annual Empower Posi-Music Awards. Asha album cover

In addition to performing, she is a certified Alchemical Hypnotist and believes strongly in working with others, teaching them tools to make their lives more peaceful, happy and fulfilling and helping them to remember the beauty of who they really are. Check her website for classes and workshops including a 12-week teleclass series called “Let’s Flow! Expanding Possibility: 10 Tools for Abundant Living.”

Asha says, “I can create anything I want and so I’m building the life I love. It’s going to look like whatever I want it to look like. That’s my Divine purpose as long as it serves others.”

She has one son and is committed to family life and teaching him the values of honesty, integrity and fun! Asha believes that now is the time that we are called to lay down our differences — across religious boundaries — and “Love one another.” Find out more about Asha at and check out her debut album, Move Ahead.

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Lisa Black: Everything Radiates from Within

Lisa Black has entrepreneur blood flowing through her veins and is the Founder of Fields of Gold Farm and Greenhouse.

“I know everything radiates from within me. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the environment around me — as long as I stay crystal clear, I feel strong and empowered. My main focus is keeping my radiance where it needs to be and my frequency high so these beautiful things can come in when they’re needed.” ~Lisa Black

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After graduating college with degrees in Nuclear Medicine and Business/Marketing from Bowman-Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest, NC and USC-Columbia, SC, Lisa took off to explore the fields of conventional health and wellness along with starting her own business in Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design and Public Relations in both Griffin and Atlanta, GA. Her dual passions of health and marketing led her on a wonderful journey.  While working in the Atlanta area, she gleaned from a wide variety of interests including fitness, nutrition, agriculture, alternative health therapies, networking, food, conferences, seminars, and body-mind energetics.

After almost 20 years in the marketing world, Lisa returned to the family farm in Hendersonville, NC to ‘cultivate’ a new project, Fields of Gold Farm and Greenhouse.  All of life’s roads have culminated to birth this latest project — making great health through incredible food, a major priority.  Through this passion-filled ‘God Project’, Lisa has found heaven on earth unfolding the symphony that nature offers in bringing nutritious superfood from farm to table.

Lisa says, “It’s an artist’s palette to have the creative juices flowing and roll out a project with the depth and breadth of Fields of Gold. When I came back to the family farm in 2004, I received this inspiration of possibilities. I kept hearing a voice saying ‘feed my people, feed my people, feed my people.’ That really guided me down the path. It’s certainly not just me — I’ve had a lot of guidance and support from all different angles.”

About detours and roadblocks, Lisa says, “Everything is a blessing. If we can look at those bumps in the road with different eyes and listen to the stories surrounding them with different ears, all of a sudden you’ll get the inspiration as to why that fell into place to either strengthen you or get you back on the right path.”

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Roz Zollinger: I Am a Channel

Roz Zollinger has an international reputation for her therapeutic work and instruction in Reflexology and Aromatherapy. She has 20 years of experience in the practice and teaching of these healing arts.

 “I ask Source to help me, help my client. I am a channel and touching them is really touching God. I do my best work when I let go and let God use me.” ~Roz Zollinger

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Roz qualified in Reflexology in 1983 through the South African Institute of Reflexology in Johannesburg, and in 1984 trained in Aromatherapy with the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy in London. She subsequently pursued advanced Aromatherapy studies with the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in California, and has taken the International Training Program in Essential Oils at Purdue University in Indiana, USA.

Roz says, “Essential oils have energy and there’s always something that can help a person. Roses, for instance, have the highest vibration of all flowers and being in a room with beautiful fresh roses changes the energy.”

Roz founded the Heal Center in 1992 and currently has multiple practitioners offering a full range of natural therapies. The center has gained a national reputation for its therapeutic services and instruction. Roz lectures at regional and national conferences in addition to teaching courses and workshops from their Atlanta location.

She developed the BodySystems Method of Reflexology and Aromatherapy, which stresses the interaction of all bodily systems and addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of the individual.

She says, “People think that I love feet because I work on the feet, but I love the connection that the feet give me to the soul of the person.”

Roz is co-founder of the Georgia Reflexology Organization and is a regional director for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). She is Assistant Director of the US Branch of the International Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA), which is based at the Heal Center.

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Dr. Tammi Baliszewski: Creativity Takes Many Forms

Dr. Tammi Baliszewski has a double Ph.D. and is a Holistic Life Counselor. Her teachings are a blend of psychological and spiritual principles. Tammi is a hypnotherapist, Art for Healing instructor, Sacred Art Facilitator, ordained minister, artist, writer and author of Manifesting Love From the Inside Out. Her intention is to support those she works with in tapping into the creativity, power, beauty and wisdom within.

“I’m creative every day. I am not a painter every day. I am not a writer every day. I’m not a counselor every day. I start every day with a simple practice of centering myself — I invite spirit to work through me for the highest possible good of myself and for others. From that place, I’ll have something I intend to do which may be painting, writing or counseling. Creativity takes many forms.” ~ Dr. Tammi Baliszewski

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Her centering practice helps her overcome blocks to her creative flow. Tammi says,If I lend myself to Spirit, there’s always something there.”

She goes on to say,Ego can have us play small and claim that we are less than we are. I believe we are breathing in an aspect of creative intelligence and therefore we are creators. We are artists. Our life is the most important creative medium that we have.

Tammi is host of the radio show, Journey to Center, airing weekly on Empower Radio. In February 2012, she interviewed Vanessa Lowry, the host of Art as Worship. Listen to the archive here.

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Chuck Cogliandro: Drumming Brings So Much Joy

Chuck Cogliandro is a drummer, teacher, healing practitioner and Director of Kumandi Drums & Healing. Since 1992, Chuck’s path has included bringing people together in the shared joy of West African drumming.  He is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is completing his second year of studies in Family Constellations work with Peter and Jamy Faust.

“Drumming brings so much joy. It gets people out of their minds and out of their anxieties – out of the mental level of worrying. It raises their energetic level of vibration into the spiritual level. That’s where healing comes through the music and the drums. ~Chuck Cogliandro

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Chuck annually hosts and organizes the Kumandi African Drum & Dance Camp near Asheville.  He has directed performing community and professional drumming groups, helped organize and performed with the 100-member drum tribe in the Opening Ceremonies of the Atlanta Olympic Games, and has made CD, commercial and soundtrack recordings.

Chuck’s company name, Kumandi, is from the Malinke language spoken in West Africa. He says, “Kumandi means to call or to invite or to sound. So that’s the purpose of the drums – to call people together and to invite them to make sound.” Chuck adds, “Drumming is powerful. It creates vibration that affects you on all levels. On the physical level, your body feels the music and the vibration coming from the drum. Your spirit is touched from the people creating this vibration collectively. Especially with African drumming, drumming is used to bring the community together to celebrate.” 

His longing is to co-create communities for transformation, using expressive elements of drumming, music, voice and movement. Chuck is also an enrichment instructor at Atlanta’s Orion School, drumming with children diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

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