Dr. Tammi Baliszewski: Creativity Takes Many Forms

Dr. Tammi Baliszewski has a double Ph.D. and is a Holistic Life Counselor. Her teachings are a blend of psychological and spiritual principles. Tammi is a hypnotherapist, Art for Healing instructor, Sacred Art Facilitator, ordained minister, artist, writer and author of Manifesting Love From the Inside Out. Her intention is to support those she works with in tapping into the creativity, power, beauty and wisdom within.

“I’m creative every day. I am not a painter every day. I am not a writer every day. I’m not a counselor every day. I start every day with a simple practice of centering myself — I invite spirit to work through me for the highest possible good of myself and for others. From that place, I’ll have something I intend to do which may be painting, writing or counseling. Creativity takes many forms.” ~ Dr. Tammi Baliszewski

Listen to Tammi’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

Her centering practice helps her overcome blocks to her creative flow. Tammi says,If I lend myself to Spirit, there’s always something there.”

She goes on to say,Ego can have us play small and claim that we are less than we are. I believe we are breathing in an aspect of creative intelligence and therefore we are creators. We are artists. Our life is the most important creative medium that we have.

Tammi is host of the radio show, Journey to Center, airing weekly on Empower Radio. In February 2012, she interviewed Vanessa Lowry, the host of Art as Worship. Listen to the archive here.

Find out more about Tammi, her book and her art at www.TammiBPhD.com.

Listen each Wednesday at 9am Eastern on Empower Radio to hear another artist’s story. Share your art and your comments on the Art as Worship Facebook page. Namaste!

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