Claire Paul: I Start with Impulses

Claire Paul is an instructor of art at Georgia Perimeter College. A graduate of Georgia State University, Claire completed her MFA in Drawing and Painting. While her art intends for the viewer to explore the unseen, her interests in music and sound performance also shape the content of her visual art.

“ I start with impulses, then I narrow from there — sketching, gathering thoughts, writing down ideas. Creativity is a lot of play.” ~Claire Paul

Listen to Claire’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

She goes on to say, “The beauty in making art is the mystery. I search for this quiet area where things recur, patterns happen and then I expand on that idea.”

Through her spirituality, she taps into the “cloud area of unconscious workings.” She says, “Whatever quiet wanderings or whisperings are happening in my life, I stop and record them. Whether or not that becomes artwork is on the side. I have a lot of work that never gets shown because it’s more about the process of making art and listening to that voice.”

In addition to her visual art, Claire holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in music and continues to perform music.

Find out more about Claire and her work at

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