Tom Bird: Books Change the Energy Level of the Planet

Led by a vision, the answer to a prayer, 24 year old Tom Bird put into play what he saw that night 31 years ago, and the results were miraculous, instantaneous. Within six weeks, Tom sold his very first book to the third largest publisher in the world for an amount equivalent to three times his salary at the time as a publicist for the big league’s Pittsburgh Pirates.

“I see my writing as a calling. I believe there is divine timing with books. I’m part of that Divine timing, but I’m not necessarily in control of the Divine timing. Books are born and released at the time when they’re meant to be born and released. They help enlighten and change the energy level of the planet.”  ~Tom Bird

Listen to Tom’s Art as Worship interview on Empower Radio.

Tom has written twenty-three books and led tens of thousands to live their literary and personal writing dreams through over 4,200 lectures at the top colleges and universities in the country and by conducting hundreds of retreats.

He says, “All great writing comes from the same place. It’s from a spiritual connection to the Divine energy that we already are.”

Tom says he was meant to write and teach. He offers his Write Your Publishable Book in a Weekend Retreat at a variety of different locales nationally about a dozen times a year.

Sedona Writing Retreat

He comments, “If you have a book inside of you, by all means, pursue your writing. Pursue it aggressively, pursue it faithfully, pursue it out of desperation, but pursue it. Writing is a combination of a release of your message and the opportunity to step into your own Divinity — to get into alignment with your connection to Spirit and do what you’re meant to do in this world.”

Find out more about Tom, his books and retreats at Check out his freebies page for the audio and book he mentions in the interview.

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