Pat Fiorello: When You’re Creating, You’re Alive

Pat Fiorello is a professional artist who especially enjoys capturing the beauty and energy of nature in her vibrant oil and watercolor paintings. She is known for her impressionistic paintings of landscapes, gardens and florals.

Pat’s family name “Fiorello” comes from an Italian lineage meaning “one who lives near a wall of flowers,” so it’s no accident that she is drawn to painting flowers and scenes which capture the essence and beauty of nature.

“When you’re creating, you’re alive. It doesn’t matter what you are creating. You could be creating a piece of music or a dance or a spreadsheet or a casserole. When you’re in the experience of taking nothing and creating something, there’s nothing more enlivening. The creation itself is an amazing process and gets you out of your own self – out of your own ego and the voices in your head. You are present in the moment.” ~Pat Fiorello

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Pat has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and worked in corporate marketing for 20 years including positions as Vice President, Marketing at Nabisco and Coca-Cola.

Self taught at first, Pat later studied with noted artists to develop her talents and skills. In 2002, she left her corporate marketing position to pursue her passion for art and concentrate on painting full time. Now she teaches others to paint at the Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta and other places in the U. S., Caribbean and Europe. While she is helping people build skills in art, her broader intention is to provide enrichment experiences for adults.

She says, “I really believe that you can never stop learning in art. I share with my students a quote I have in my studio that says, ‘I am still learning.’ That was a quote by Michelangelo when he was 87. You can start learning at any age and art is something that will last a lifetime.”

Pat has served as President of the Georgia Watercolor Society and Chairman of the Atlanta Artists Center. Given her unique blend of business and art skills, she also works as a coach with artists and arts organizations to help them be more successful.

With all that Pat juggles as an artist, teacher, coach and business owner, she says, “At the end of the day, it’s just a great day if I’ve had the opportunity to paint, learn or inspire someone to grow or get one step closer to their dreams.”

Find out more about Pat, her workshops and her art at Check out her blog “Art Elevates Life.

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Flora Rosefsky: Artists Need Time to Reflect and Daydream

Flora Rosefsky is a spiritual collage and mixed media artist who draws with scissors. She directs her favorite long-pointed scissors as they glide through painted paper, fabric, or ephemera. “With an intuitive sense of color and composition, like Henri Matisse, I thrive on the freedom to ‘draw with scissors,’ in a spirit of spontaneity that is so much a part of each new work.”

 “I am a big believer in finding sanctuary in your life. You need some quiet space. Time to think. As an artist you need reflection and you need ideas and you need time to think or even daydream.” ~Flora Rosefsky

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She says, “Art is no longer something that I just do — it is so much a part of what I am. It took a while for me to realize that.”

ALeta’s Ketubbah

Flora encourages others to explore their creativity. She says, “Art is also for the non-artist. For those of you who may not think of yourself as an artist, try it. It makes you feel good. It’s joyful. It can be exciting. You can be any age to create art, from a child up to a senior citizen. Don’t be afraid. The materials don’t have to be expensive. Just enjoy. Go look at art, go to studios, go to openings and make art a part of your life.”

Personal Sanctuary

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Diane English: Your Art Picks Up Your Vibe

Diane English is a self-taught artist and founder of The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Company, combining her art and career with her spiritual path. She sells her original designs internationally in bookstores, galleries and on her website as greeting cards, prints and magnets.

“My definition of art is that it’s meant to delight, inform and inspire. You’re inspired to create art and then you pass inspiration on. That piece of art that you’re creating will pick up your vibe and it will be passed on. So do it. Don’t deny the world your talent.” ~Diane English

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Diane has survived countless spiritual crises; has managed to see the occasional “light”; and discovered the secret of Higher Consciousness along the way. She says that after years of deep meditation, medication, fasting, prayer and a few bottles of Merlot, she now knows the secret to enlightenment is being in the “Now” with a piece of rich, dark chocolate.

She says, “I think God has a fabulous sense of humor. The spiritual evolution of my art was learning to play instead of taking it seriously. More often than not, artwork for me is play.”  

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