Beverly Molander: Activating the Power of Yes in the New Year

Beverly MolanderBeverly Molander is an intuitive artist. Her abstract compositions form almost automatically on the canvas. Each person coming in contact with her work seems to find something different to interpret and understand.

“I start with the intention to be a conduit and trust the process. With my automatic writing, I’ll know when it is finished — the pen just stops. When my painting is finished, my paintbrush stops and I don’t want to do it anymore. It’s a creative process with an intuitive knowing. I don’t know where it’s going or when it’s ending, but I know it’s good. My confidence as an artist grew when I realized my art didn’t have to do with my ego — thinking ‘what if they don’t like it.’ It had to do with ‘this is my expression and here we are.’” ~Beverly MolanderBMolander 2

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Her suggestion to others who might want to try this type of writing and painting are, “Relax into the process, see what happens and be grateful for the experience. Let it be a source of experimentation.”

Beverly’s radio shBMolander 1ow, Affirmative Prayer – Activating the Power of YES, can be heard on Unity Online Radio Mondays at 1 p.m. Eastern. 

With the new year beginning, Beverly said, “Every time we come to some kind of the next horizon, the way we look at work changes. Give yourself permission to take that next step wherever you are so you can include your personal and professional lives together.” BMolander Book

Find out more about Beverly, her intuitive art and her work on her website or her Facebook page. Purchase a copy of her book, Day by Day. It is a 4”x5”, 24-page magazine-style compilation of heartfelt thoughts and ideas evolving out of Beverly’s everyday experiences.  Joined together with Beverly’s intuitive abstract art, the writings bring a sense of clarity to the choices we can make every minute of every day.

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Virginia DuPre: Keeping Open to the Unknown

Virginia DuPre is an artist, art therapist and a former ordained minister.

She graduated from Candler School of Theology in 1994. While serving as an ordained minister, Virginia was a client of art therapy as a way of tending to her own needs and issues so that she could better help others. In 2000, she completed a Master Degree in Art Therapy from Vermont College at Norwich University and began helping people to heal, grow and expand spiritually through the use of art making.

“Making art has kept me open to the unknown — being willing to continue to grow and expand. Art holds mystery and that’s a big part of the spiritual experience. As long as I’m alive, I want to keep expanding into that. There’s something about the blank page and listening to the materials, not knowing what will come out of that process, that’s a way of practicing being open to the great mystery moving inside.” ~Virginia DuPre

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Virginia works with adult individuals, couples and groups for art therapy and spiritual formation.  She says, “What I love about art therapy is that an image comes out of the person and is the source for healing and growth. The art, in a very concrete way, points people back to their own knowing.”

She makes personal art with found objects and recycled objects. Currently Virginia is making snake bone pendant necklaces — made from bones of snakes that were killed in farm management practices on a farm in South Georgia.

Virginia encourages others to connect to their creativity. She says, “Set aside time to play and listen to what wants to come up.”

Find out more about Virginia and her art therapy practice at

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Patrick McDonnell: Art Helps Me Lose My Ego

Cartoonist and author Patrick McDonnell is the creator of the award-winning MUTTS comic strip. Syndicated in 1994, MUTTS now appears in over 700 print newspapers worldwide, and has its home on the web at

“My art and spirituality inspire each other. Being an artist made me start thinking about spirituality. When I read The Power of Now, it was the artist in me that understood it. Making art is a prayer and meditation — it helps me lose my ego. So art is definitely part of my spiritual process.” ~Patrick McDonnell

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Patrick has received numerous awards for his art, including the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year, and international recognition for his promotion of animal protection.  He has over 20 books in print including The New York Times bestsellers The Gift of Nothing, Hug Time, The Monsters’ Monster and 2012 Caldecott Honor book Me … Jane, which is a biography of the childhood of Dr. Jane Goodall.  In 2009, McDonnell collaborated with The Power of Now author Eckhart Tolle to create Guardians of Being.

Earl, a Jack Russell Terrier, was Patrick’s real life inspiration for MUTTS for 19 years. Patrick says, “I always felt if I could capture any of his joy of life in my comic, I was doing my job.”

Regarding the constant pressure of meeting deadlines, Patrick says, “When you do a daily comic strip, having faith is a big part of it. I have faith in the Creator and in the creative powers that something’s going to happen. I’ve always approached art on a faith basis — not to struggle with it, but to let it happen.”

In addition to his artistic commitments of his daily comic strip, books and the upcoming MUTTS movie, Patrick is a member of the national Boards of Directors for The Humane Society of the United States, The Fund for Animals and The Charles M. Schulz Museum.

Find out more about Patrick and MUTTS at

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Bernie Kida: Vulnerability is the Birthplace of Creativity

Bernie Kida graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of California San Francisco in 1987. He launched his career in medical illustration with the first edition of the Atlas of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery authored by Raymond T. Morrissy, M.D.

“Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is letting other people see your struggles. When that happens, someone will come along and help you with that struggle or say, ‘I’m going through the same thing.’ It allows you to connect with others. That willingness to be open and vulnerable is the birthplace of creativity.”  ~Bernie Kida

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Bernie was the primary medical illustrator for Scottish Rite Children’s Medical Center for twelve years where he became a well-respected, award-winning illustrator. He has been praised for his attention to detail and graphic realism that allowed him to produce over a dozen successive surgical atlases.  He was certified in 1991 by the Association of Medical Illustrators and has been recognized with awards in projection media and Illustrated Textbook categories. He has also been featured in The Healing Arts, The Best American Artists Look at Medicine Today in 1995.

He says, “I had the privilege of being an observer during an operation years ago. Everything in the human body is alive — it’s shimmering, pulsing and vibrant. The colors. The layers. Everything comes to life. The human body is incredible and miraculous.”

Kida now works out of his home studio where he has more flexibility and a far shorter commute. He enjoys the challenges that each new assignment brings and the resulting relationships that develop while working with art directors, editors and publishers, physicians, surgeons and other allied health professionals.

Find out more about Bernie at or “like” his Facebook page.

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Whitney Freya: Tapped Into a Different Level of Consciousness

Artist and teacher Whitney Freya believes that the key to our (r)evolution lies within our creative mind and it’s only when we embrace and amplify our creative power that we can truly align with our Higher Self, which is INFINITELY creative.

“My paintings help me encourage others to paint and create. I create videos or snap step-by-step pictures and show people the process — giving them permission to create without being perfect or being this great artist. The act of creating art takes you to a different level of consciousness and the more that you do it, the more tapped in you get.” ~Whitney Freya

Creative Goddess

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At Whitney inspires her online clients around the world to embrace their role as the ARTIST in the ART that is their life. She takes them on a JOURNEY within, where painting and doodling become meditation and an opportunity for the mind to expand, for the ego and the to-do list to melt away, and for a new personal confidence connected to Spirit to emerge.

Whitney has two published books on creativity, including The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit (endorsed by Dan Pink and Michael Gelb). Her unique application of art making & personal empowerment has garnered national attention on CBS News, Martha Stewart Radio, & HGTV. She has presented at The Esalen Institute, the American Creativity Association, the Creative Education Foundation, & the South Africa Creativity Conference.

She says, “Before there was a written language there was art. Early man made art to connect to spirit and we are rediscovering that now.”

Her creative & spiritual JOURNEY began in 1996 when she opened an art center with NO art training. As she became Creatively Fit, along with her clients, she also found her spirituality awakening on new levels. In 2012 she launched The SPIRIT Project 2012 and The Journey Retreats that unifies her two favorite pursuits: CREATIVITY & SPIRITUALITY.

Find out more about Whitney, her books, programs and retreats at or

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Kyle Young: My Art Reveals My Soul

The career of multi-media artist Kyle Young has been a composite of creativity and commerce. After earning a BFA from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, she utilized her artistic training working in design and education in publishing for several years. With the addition of this business experience, she founded her own design boutique firm in 1978, growing it through the years to become one of Atlanta’s top 50 ad agencies, with clients in the U.S. and Canada.

It was not until after the birth of her son in 1996, that she decided to return to the roots of her artistic experience and turn her attention to her personal creativity. Selling her interest in the firm she had founded, she established her marketing consulting, writing and coaching practices so she could also spend time with her studio work once again.

Going Inward

“I’ve been lucky to show my work in a number of places and have people collect pieces of my art, but that’s not really why I do it. My art is very personal. Some pieces feel so self-revealing that I wonder if someone viewing my art might actually see into my soul. There are pieces I’ve chosen not to show for that reason.” ~Kyle Young

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Reflective of her life and career, Kyle’s art is not limited to one medium. Frequently using multiple materials and methods in a single piece, she is known for her complex layering of colors and textures in both two and three-dimensional works.

Rooted in Truth

She says, “I can’t put my life in a box much less God in a box — I’m open to all the expressions of God. I’m a lifelong Episcopalian and find the Episcopal Church to be a very open and accepting environment, but in my personal spirituality, I’ve also incorporated some of the teachings of Buddhism, Judaism and others. Just as my art is multimedia, my personal spirituality is a combination of many practices.”

Listening to her intuition plays a key role in Kyle’s life. She says, “If I stop and listen, the direction is out there —  whether it’s in art or life. It’s when I get so busy and think that I have to plan every single thing that I find the going gets tougher.”

Her Wings Had a Strong Spine


Kyle’s work has been seen in numerous juried shows and exhibits, and is in several private and corporate collections.

Find out more about Kyle’s art at She is also online at and

Last Meal

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Sarah Hunt Engsberg: Discovering a New Passion

Sarah Hunt Engsberg is a jewelry artist, painter and a professional farrier. Sarah has been serving the needs of horses and equestrians in the sports of Three-day Eventing, Combined Training, Dressage, and Endurance for nearly two decades. When her horseshoeing business was curtailed due to back issues, it was a natural progression for her to transfer from blacksmithing to metalsmithing.

“I first started thinking of myself as an artist with my work of shoeing horses. It took a back injury — literally getting thrown on the ground — to take a step back and become open-minded instead of being so focused on just the one thing. So this catastrophic event helped me discover a passion for creating jewelry. I knew I would get well physically enough to horseshoe again, but I knew that it would ultimately have to look different than it did before.” ~Sarah Hunt Engsberg

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Sarah’s Art Jewelry is created for independent-minded wearers who wish to express their personalities through jewelry. Her jewelry incorporates traditional metalsmithing, with precious gems and semi-precious stones as well as natural and man-made found objects. Her pieces are one-of-a-kind originals.

She says, “My art comes from within, but it comes from somewhere else too. The art becomes spiritual as it allows me to create and express myself, but also to express whatever it’s coming from.”

Painting is yet another avenue for Sarah to express her joy and creativity.  Bright colors, strong contrasts and a bit of a whimsical attitude are the driving forces behind her desire to paint.  She incorporates textures and colors to express the movement and energy she feels and sees in the world around her.

About the colorful nature of her art Sarah says, “I love beautiful flowers, brightly colored clothes and, of course, big gaudy jewelry. Bright colors are just who I am and I express my spiritually through that sort of brightness. Color is joyous and bright colors seem happy and inviting. I see my life as an expression of joy.”

Find out more about Sarah at

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Claire Paul: I Start with Impulses

Claire Paul is an instructor of art at Georgia Perimeter College. A graduate of Georgia State University, Claire completed her MFA in Drawing and Painting. While her art intends for the viewer to explore the unseen, her interests in music and sound performance also shape the content of her visual art.

“ I start with impulses, then I narrow from there — sketching, gathering thoughts, writing down ideas. Creativity is a lot of play.” ~Claire Paul

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She goes on to say, “The beauty in making art is the mystery. I search for this quiet area where things recur, patterns happen and then I expand on that idea.”

Through her spirituality, she taps into the “cloud area of unconscious workings.” She says, “Whatever quiet wanderings or whisperings are happening in my life, I stop and record them. Whether or not that becomes artwork is on the side. I have a lot of work that never gets shown because it’s more about the process of making art and listening to that voice.”

In addition to her visual art, Claire holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in music and continues to perform music.

Find out more about Claire and her work at

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Krista Goodrich: Helping Others Embrace Art

In 2009, Krista Goodrich quit her job as a financial analyst and started Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Party Studio in Braselton, Georgia.  This business has allowed her to return to her art roots where she helps others embrace art in a positive and healthy environment.

“Much of the time I spend painting is when I am teaching. I go within before each class and get into ‘teacher mode.’ I block out the rest of the world so it’s just me with my students and the painting. God helps me through the times I’m having a bad day so I’m able to be upbeat for my students.” ~Krista Goodrich

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Krista focuses on expression through color variations and enjoys painting with strong, bright colors on big canvases. Born in south Florida, she moved to Georgia in the early eighties. She attributes her preference of vibrant colors to her south Florida roots.

Her art love affair began at a young age through her mother who introduced her to a wide variety of art — from pottery, to bow making to becoming part of a young Asian art society, exploring the use of art in Asian cultures.

Krista attended college in France — learning the techniques of art masters and their history.  She graduated with two bachelor degrees — one in French and one in Economics.

She says, “When I opened Masterpiece Mixers I was not very well connected with God. During the first year and a half of the studio, I had some things happen in my life — specifically a very close personal death. It was during that that I created my very favorite painting. While I was painting, I was reflecting on my life and reflecting on the one who had passed. There was a presence with me and that presence was helping me while I was creating art. Since that time I’ve reconnected to God through my art and through my daughter.”

Krista believes everyone can paint with just a little instruction. “Our slogan at Masterpiece Mixers is ‘It’s Fun Art, Not Fine Art.’ We want our clients to have fun and enjoy the process. People hug me after a few hours of painting and say it’s the best thing they’ve ever experienced. I love helping people embrace something they didn’t think they could do.”

A “Crazy Heart” painting by a Masterpiece Mixer autistic client was chosen for the Autism Awareness postage stamp.

She lives in Hoschton, Georgia with her husband Colin, her daughter, Tiana and their two dogs Dot and Danja. They enjoy family time involved in activities such as tennis, boating and wakeboarding.

Find out more about Krista at and join her at one of her studio to create your own painting.

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Dr. Tammi Baliszewski: Creativity Takes Many Forms

Dr. Tammi Baliszewski has a double Ph.D. and is a Holistic Life Counselor. Her teachings are a blend of psychological and spiritual principles. Tammi is a hypnotherapist, Art for Healing instructor, Sacred Art Facilitator, ordained minister, artist, writer and author of Manifesting Love From the Inside Out. Her intention is to support those she works with in tapping into the creativity, power, beauty and wisdom within.

“I’m creative every day. I am not a painter every day. I am not a writer every day. I’m not a counselor every day. I start every day with a simple practice of centering myself — I invite spirit to work through me for the highest possible good of myself and for others. From that place, I’ll have something I intend to do which may be painting, writing or counseling. Creativity takes many forms.” ~ Dr. Tammi Baliszewski

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Her centering practice helps her overcome blocks to her creative flow. Tammi says,If I lend myself to Spirit, there’s always something there.”

She goes on to say,Ego can have us play small and claim that we are less than we are. I believe we are breathing in an aspect of creative intelligence and therefore we are creators. We are artists. Our life is the most important creative medium that we have.

Tammi is host of the radio show, Journey to Center, airing weekly on Empower Radio. In February 2012, she interviewed Vanessa Lowry, the host of Art as Worship. Listen to the archive here.

Find out more about Tammi, her book and her art at

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